Spring Blue-Green Makeup


Hey guys and welcome to my vanity! Spring is in full bloom here where I live and we’ve started slowly transitioning towards summer which makes me very happy. And since it’s so bright and beautiful outside, I’ve decided to bring those vibes to my makeup and create a colorful look 🙂

I was inspired by beautiful blue shades in the Moprhe 35S palette even though such colors are not something I’d normally go for. I tend to stay away from blue shadows as they can easily make my annoying dark circles look like bruises 🙂 But this eye look actually turned out nice so I’m glad I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. My only tip for you will be to work with small amounts of eyeshadows at a time, not to blend out too high up the brow or too far down the lower lashline, and you’ll be good to go!

The first thing I always do if I’m going for a full-on eyeshadow look is priming my lids and setting them with either powder or a beige/bone-colored shadow. I’ve been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for a while and even with my oily lids, this stuff keeps my eye makeup on like a dream.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer PotionApply the primer on your lidsSet the primer with powder

For my transition shade I chose a bronzer which I do quite often especially for my everyday makeup. You can pick any light neutral brown shadow as well, apply the color in circular motions all over the upper crease.

Bronzer as a transition shadeApply brown in your crease

Next we’ll be picking up a deep blue shadow from the Morphe 35S palette and applying it only to the inner and outer corners of the eye leaving the middle empty.  This part will be messy so I would strongly recommend either skipping your foundation and doing it after you’re done with the eye makeup (which, unfortunately, I didn’t do as I wasn’t still sure what I’d go for shadow wise) or holding a tissue and trying to catch as much fallout as you can 🙂

Morphe 35S palette Hold a tissue to catch any fallout

Apply blue on the inner and outer corners of the eye

But even if  some eyeshadows land on your undereye area, don’t worry, that’s what makeup wipes and concealers are for!

Now we need to blend out that blue color into the crease but you don’t want to use the same blue for that unless a punched-in-the-eye look is what you’re going for 🙂 I’ve chosen a chocolate brown shade and first roughly outlined my crease with it using a pencil brush.

Outline your crease with brown

Then it’s time to grab a small blending brush and soften the edges without relocating the color too high.

Soften the edges

Sometimes when working with dark and intense shadows, blending the color seamlessly can be a tough task. If that’s the case, just try adding another shade to make the process easier. The more shadows you incorporate, the smoother the finish will be – compare blending black on its own and with the help of light brown and light grey, for instance.

Here I’ve blended a little bit of mauve above the brown which has added a nice pink hue.

Mauve pink for easier blendingBlend mauve pink onto the upper crease

One more step that ensures your blending is seamless is highlighting under the brow with a beige or ivory shadow (I’ve used a matte one here). It will help to clean up the area and even “erase” some of the eyeshadows and bring them lower.

And now it’s my favorite part of the look – adding a pop of shimmery blue in the center of the lid. The one I’ve picked has a greenish gold undertone (the shade to the right of the dark blue in the Morphe palette) but it can be any kind of lighter blue you like. Pack the color with a flat brush trying to slightly blend the edges with the darker blue. If the shadow does not come off very pigmented, wet the brush with Mac Fix+ or any face mist or water beforehand.

Add shimmery blue in the center of the lid

I didn’t want to draw a winged eyeliner because these colors were too beautiful to cover them so I only lined the inner rim to add some definition. Then I cleaned up under the eyes with a makeup wipe and applied concealer.

Apply black on the upper inner rim Clean up under the eyesApply your concealer under the eyes

Here’s another trick for perfecting your eye makeup – after blending your concealer or foundation take the same brush (dense brushes would be best for this) or beauty blender and dab gently over the edges of the eyeshadows. The leftover concealer/foundation will soften them and get rid of any mistakes you may have made.

Blend the edges of the eyeshadows with a beauty blender

All we need to do before moving to the lower lashline is apply mascara and, optionally, false lashes. I went with individuals since they are very subtle and you can see the eyeshadows better behind them.

Apply mascaraApply individual lashes

With the lower lashline, you’ll pretty much mimic what you’ve done on the top lid. First, smudge dark blue leaving the middle of the lashline blank and then blend the color a bit with a brown shadow – I’ve used the Too Faced bronzer from before.

Smudge dark blue under the lower lashlineBlend dark blue with a brown eyeshadow

Add the same light shimmery blue in the center and line your waterline with a black pencil. Try a nude/white eyeliner if you want to open up your eyes more.

Apply light shimmery blue in the center of the lower lashlineLine your waterline with a black pencil

Finally, the last eyeshadow we’re going to use is a beige-champaign color for highlighting the inner corner.

Pick a light shimmery shadowHighlight the inner corner of the eye

Add a coat of mascara to the lower lashline and your are done with the eye look!

The finished eye look

The finished eyeshadow look

To complete the makeup, I bronzed up my cheeks and forehead and applied blush. Since the eyes are so bright, I’d recommend choosing more of a neutral blush color, e. g. soft mauve and avoiding very pink or red shades that can bring disbalance to the face. The one I’m using is from the BH palette and let me tell you, these blushes are so-o-o pigmented that you need to ever so slightly touch the pan or you will end up with a clown face! 🙂

Bronze up your faceMauve blushAdd a neutral blush

With the lips, I followed the same principle and tried to keep them natural so that the eyes would be the star of the show. For such purposes, I love the Mac Lipcolor in Unchanging. It’s my go-to whenever I want my lips to look nude but still visible because pale lips do not look good on me at all.

Line your lips with a nude pencilApply a nude lipstick

After the lips, this makeup look is finished. I really hope you’ll get a chance to recreate it! Thanks for stopping by!

Blue-green eye look

Blue smokey eyes

Blue eyes for spring and summer

The products used:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 2C3 (Fresco)
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NW 15
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Medium/Deep
BH Professional Blush palette
Morphe 35S Eyeshadow Palette
Lorac Pro Palette
Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara
Ardell Knotted Flares Individual Lashes
NYX Lip Liner in Natural
Mac Pro Longwear Lipcolor in Unchanging
Catrice Eyebrow Stylist in 020
Kiko Vibrant eye pencil (600, black)

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