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Classic Holiday Glam | Gold Eyes and Red Lips


Hey there and thanks for stopping by! Christmas and New Year’s season is officially here and among other things that means a doubled amount of holiday parties, corporate events and all kinds of friends and family gatherings.

I’ve come up with a makeup look incorporating red lips and gold shimmer that screams holiday to me, but you can definitely rock this any other time of year! Hope you’ll enjoy ūüôā

I’m starting with the eyes first since I’ll be working with shimmery and dark eyeshadows and I don’t want my foundation to become a mess ūüôā First, you’ll want to use any kind of primer on your eyelids to hold your makeup and cancel out any redness. ¬†Today I’m going with Mac’s Pro Longwear concealer (NW15), it stays put on me for a long time. Tip: don’t forget to set you primer/concealer with powder, your eyeshadows will blend so much easier, trust me.

Mac Pro Longer concealer Prime your eyelids

For this tutorial I’ll be using Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 since I’ve got it recently and haven’t played with it enough. But you can absolutely use any similar color eyeshadows you have.

Take a matte light brown shadow and with a big fluffy brush, put it all over your crease and upper crease area. We are creating soft transition for darker colors to blend effortlessly later.

Light brown shadow  Blend light brown into the crease

Then I’m going to switch to a smaller blending brush and work dark brown right into my crease as well as the outer corner. With this color, you don’t want to go as high as with the previous one since we want to keep the gradient effect.

Dark brown shadow Blend dark brown into the crease

I always like to take a humongous brush and blend one more time so that everything melts into each other.

Blend with a big fluffy brush Blended eyeshadows

Now it’s time for a fun part! I’m grabbing this bright gold with a flat bush, spritzing¬†it with a little bit of Mac’s Fix+ and packing the color heavily on my lids. Tip: if you want the pigment to stand out, press the eyeshadow instead of rubbing it.

Spritz your brush with Fix+ Pack gold on your lids

Don’t forget to blend gold with the crease color, otherwise it may look choppy.

Now grab a tiny detail¬†brush or a pencil brush and dip it into even darker brown – the one I’m using has a slight burgundy undertone in it. Draw a sideways “V” at the very outer corner of your eye. Pack the color first, and then blend it gently trying not to drag it too far.

Dark burgundy brown Draw a sideways "V"

Blend the outer corner The difference between blended and unblended shadow

This is optional but I’ve decided to add a little dimension by dabbing a light gold shadow in the very center of the lid.

Light gold in the center of the lid Light gold eyeshadow

Line your lash line with a creamy black pencil – you can be messy all you want – and soften the edges with a flat top brush. To add even more definition, tightline with the same pencil.

Line with a black pencil  Blend the liner

Highlight under your brow with any matte ivory or cream color.

Now curl your lashes, apply your favourite mascara and (optionally) falsies to add extra oomph. The ones I’ve picked are actually very natural and not quite noticeable but you can go with something more dramatic.

Apply mascara Apply false lashes

To hide the lashband, you can use a liquid liner. But since here we have a soft blended line instead of a defined cat eye, I’d recommend black eyeshadow or the same black pencil we’ve used earlier.

Use black eyeshadow or a black pencil Hide the lashband

Now you can move to your skin and apply foundation and concealer and set everything with a translucent powder.

Apply foundation Apply concealer

Next I’m bronzing and slightly contouring my cheekbones, sides of the forehead, nose, chin and neck. You can also add a touch of highlighter to the top of your cheeks, above your brows, the tip of the nose and the cupid’s bow. This will create a holiday-ready healthy glowing complexion ūüôā

Apply bronzer Bronze up the foreheadApply highlighter  Highlight above your brow

I’m¬†also applying blush but remember to be light-handed – we don’t want our¬†cheeks to overpower red lips. After all the powders are added to the face I usually take a stippling brush and get rid of any obvious edges and uneven spots.

Apply blush  Blend all the powders

We are now done with the face and can finish our eyes. You don’t need to do much – take the same light brown shadow and smudge it along the lower lashline. Then with a smaller brush, apply the darkest burgundy brown just to the outer part and blend it well.

Smudge light brown  Darken the outer part of the lashline

Darken your waterline with a black pencil. I opted for a really thin line as I didn’t want the eye makeup to be too dramatic. To make your eyes really pop, dab a light shimmery shadow in the very inner corner of your eye. Apply mascara to the lower lashes and voil√†, the eye makeup is complete!

Apply black to your waterline Light shimmery shadowHighlight the inner corner of the eye Apply mascara

All that is left to do is line the lips with a red lip pencil and apply your favorite shade of red on top.

Line the lips Add a red lipstick

I really hope this will be helpful and inspire you to glam yourself up! Till next time ūüôā

Gold eyes Gold eyes Holiday makeup

Red lips and gold eyes

Red lip makeup


Products used:

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2
Lorac Pro palette
Mac Pro Longwear concealer (NW15)
Mac Prep+Prime setting powder
Kiko Vibrant eye pencil (600, black)
Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions Mascara
Eylure Lengthening lashes #080
Make up forever HD foundation (N130) + L’oreal True match (N4)
Mac Pro Longwear concealer (NW20)
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer (medium/deep)
NYX blush (Mocha)
Too Faced Candlelight Glow
NYX lip liner (Hot Red)
Kiko Double touch 10-hour lipstick (#112)
Mac Fix +
Catrice Eyebrow Stylist (040)



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